Harry and Jeanie West Fine Musical Instruments

  1. timv
    I still haven't been and I've been meaning to. There was a short forum exchange a week or so ago about the store with a little bit of history. It sounds like Harry hasn't been doing too well lately, which is very sad to hear. But it makes me feel like it's even more important to get down there for a visit.

    Got any tips for visitors to the store if you've been there and/or know the Statesville scene? Know any good places to meet or eat?

    It might also be fun to report on mandolins in the store that caught our ear or eye, especially if there's something that you liked but didn't buy, or would've bought if you could've.
  2. timv
    My only Statesville experience was probably 5 or 6 years ago, when I did a bike ride hosted by First Flight Bicycles. I know there's a decent amount of overlap between mandolin players and cycling, and First Flight is worth a visit for sure if you're in the area. There's quite a collection of first-generation mountain bikes from the late 70s and early 80s in the store, and just generally lots of cool stuff to see, and that's besides it being a nice shop with some very friendly folks.

    According to Google Maps, it's literally around the corner from Fine Musical Instruments. Just head west on Broad St. and turn left at the end of the block, which is Center St., three minutes walking time or so it says.
  3. RKL
    Any update on this? Their website is still up but not a lot of info on it. I want to ride up there this weekend and check them out. Maybe I will give them a call first. I'll report back if I make it up there.

    Charlotte, NC
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