1. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Today I paid a visit to Max and Laurie at Girouard Mandolins. It was one of he greatest times I have had in a long time. Both Max and Laurie are wonderful people and showed my son and I the entire shop. I got to play one of the older two points they had made and I am now completely sold on their craftsmanship. I cannot wait to hear that they have a new model ready to play so I can go in and hear it. I will be getting one this fall, I hope. Laurie allowed my 8 year old to do some sanding on a "prototype" neck/headstock piece. He is now completely sold on them as well. He wants to work for them... Says he will work without pay since he is only 8. I am just so impressed with how knowledgeable and personable they are! But their work is .... Exquisite! There is no other word that fits. The tone and feel and beauty is beyond words. The love and care that they both put into each and every step of the process is evident to any eye. I cannot say enough about them and their work. I am so looking forward to the fall. I have a new goal and something to save for!!!
  2. Dave Kirkpatrick
    Dave Kirkpatrick
    These are truly great instruments and Max and Lauri are cool folks. I'd highly recommend meeting them and buying one of their instruments.
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