Jekyll Island (Monroe Tune)

  1. Sasquatch
    Here is my stab at a Monroe Tune from his 'Bluegrass 87' ' album. Playing from memory so I am not to sure its exact. Always enjoyed this tune though.

  2. Mike Bunting
  3. johnhgayjr
    Great playing and great sounding mando...
  4. Sasquatch
    Thanks guys. I would love to hear Mike Compton play this tune! He is the Man!! John, the mando was built by a good friend of mine named Otis Singelton in Centerville, IN. I own 2 of his mandos & a dreadnought. This particular instrument just turned 12 last month and has only been played for about 2. It keeps getting better all the time. My other was built in 1982 and has its own unique sound. I strung it with D'Addario SS 74's & it responded beautifully.
    I have tried to produce that 'Monroe' sound for years. Have a long way to go but am enjoying the ride!
  5. johnhgayjr
    Squatch -- ditto on Compton. He's my favorite player and a great teacher and interpreter of Monroe's style. I've been lucky enough to attend some Compton camps and workshops. Got a week with him at Nashcamp several years ago and 3 days at the Monroe camp in Owensboro the first year of that camp. I even organized a 1 day deal here in Memphis he came down for a few years ago. We had about a dozen folks attend.

    Your mando has a great tone...

    Here's my attempt a couple of years ago on Ashland Breakdown on my Daley standard model:

  6. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Great stuff !!! Timothy, John

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