New to me Strad

  1. epicentre
    Won an auction on e.bay.

    It has solid spruce top, probably laminated back and sides. Fits well, short neck, low action.

    Great tone, and not too scarred up by time. (approx. 60 years) Sounds a bit like my old Gibson A/O.

    The previous owner changed the tuners, but sent along the original ones. Luckily I have some old buttons which will fit. He put on F style tuners.........go figure. They look kind of funky. In a good way.

    Believe it's a keeper.
  2. bmac
    We would all be interestred in seeing some photos. Maybe someone could give you a little more info on it.
  3. epicentre
    Photos ??? Not soon. Trust me. It's nice.
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