Dead Man's Tuning

  1. flyingfrog75
    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to start a group for people interested in alternate tunings. I play a lot in Dead Man's Tuning (DDAD) and also in ADAD tuning. Sometimes I play in GCGC tuning and have figured out a lot of chords and songs for these tunings.

    I have a new book: Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning, available here: if you would like more info.

    Have a great day,

  2. flyingfrog75
    If you're into alternate tunings, feel free to post some of the songs you've worked out, and what tunings you like to use.

    I have a video on youtube where I teach how to play Maggie May by Rod Stewart, not just the mandolin solo, but also the chords and guitar solo as well.
  3. Mark Robertson-Tessi
    Mark Robertson-Tessi
    Nice, I'll point my friend who is learning this to your vid.

  4. flyingfrog75
    Thanks so much Mark. I appreciate it!
  5. Oreilly
    When going into these tunings, do you tune up or down?
  6. Leverman61
    Oreilly, I use two alternate tunings and in both cases i tune the strings down. With the GDGD tuning, it is only necessary to tune the first and second strings to reach this tuning and then i use a capo when i want to play AEAE. From posts i have read it is much easier on your strings and probably the mandolin if you can tune down. Hope that helps.
  7. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Hi Flying Frog

    Like the video. Alternate tunings fascinate me, though I cannot say I have experimented too much with them. I have come across these, especially in African musical instruments, though have not done this on my mandolin.
    Your book would be very interesting. Please send a private message, or whichever giving further info on the book.

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