Craigs list NJ Strad

  1. bmac
    A Stradolin is currently on NJ Craigs list for $160. that is a good price for a nice Strad in fine condition.... A couple small drilled in front (possibly from pick guard for left handed player) but no problem in my opinion. Otherwise in almost new condition. I just thought I'd mention this considering the current batch of rediculously over priced Strads currently on eBay.
  2. Russ Donahue
    Russ Donahue
    I was the purchaser...the instrument is sweet sounding. Can't really determine why the holes. The owner said it belonged to his dad, didn't have/share any other information. Strung it up and it sounds very sweet...which is what I was hoping...then disaster struck and one of the pegs came off the G string tuner post (see builders section for my help/advice request).

    Has a nice vintage case it came in.
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