Lennon's birthday

  1. Richard J
    Richard J
    Today (10/9) is John's birthday. Please play one,or many, of his songs.
  2. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    I think "Ticket To Ride" is sung by John, I play that almost every day. Other Lennon tunes I hit regularly:

    Dear Prudence
    You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
    Lucy In The Sky
    Come Together

    Paul's tunes are more melodic and lend themselves to solo play, but I just added "I'm So Tired" and "Julia" to my list.

    From the days of the lads singing together:

    Drive My Car
    I Feel Fine
    Hard Day's Night
  3. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Dang, forgot "Norwegian Wood".
  4. Richard J
    Richard J
    Norwegian Wood was the first song I taught myself.
  5. dwilken
    working class hero is my go to lennon song. man could he right any type of song!!!!
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