Replacement tuners for Strad-O-Lin

  1. Russ Donahue
    Russ Donahue
    Hi folks.

    Getting very frustrated with the original tuning machines on my instrument. They are hard to turn, despite cleaning and lubricating, and a second button has cracked.

    I've fixed that button (and the first) with Duco cement to repair the button, and then baking soda and CA to hold the button back to the tuning shaft, but have every expectation that more will break.

    I like the sound of this instrument a sits nicely between my Gibson 1916 A and my Gibson 1941 A1. So, I'd like to have it in easily playable shape...and right now the tuners aren't cutting it.

    I've advertised on the classified to see if anyone has a good set of Strad-O-Lin tuners, but I'm also thinking a modern set might actually be the answer to my concerns.

    Anybody here replaced the tuning machines on their Strad with a new set of machines? If so, what did you choose? Did they fit easily or require jiggering around?
    Any advice to offer?

  2. epicentre
    Hi Russ;

    When I got mine, the previous owner had removed the original tuners, (similar problems as yours), and replaced them with modern F style tuners.

    Not a very expensive brand, but they work well, and look kinda funky too. They fit right in. No need to re drill the holes. Lucky.

    I'd go with new tuners.


  3. bmac
    It is often not the tuners which are the problem but slightly misallinged tuner shaft holes which can cause binding.. Or holes which have been effected by environmental conditions... like moisture, which can expand the wood a bit and may need to be reemed out just a little. Unless the tuners are actually broken they are likely Ok. but any binding tuner shaft will break the tuner knob off a tuner. The button will normally break, before the metal tuner mechanism itself.
  4. Steve Williams
    Steve Williams
    I put a set of Ping tuners on my Stradolin A, and they lined up and fit perfectly. The original tuners had no bushings, and I installed the new ones the same way. No problems whatsoever, and I gig with this instrument. It was an ebay purchase from a non-musician, the tuners were in all manner of bad shape, as was the bridge. New tuners and a homemade Red Henry style bridge, and now it's a joy to play and a real woofer. Works for me.
  5. Russ Donahue
    Russ Donahue
    Thanks for the thinking.....
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