Mandolin Blues: From Memphis to Maxwell Street

  1. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    I'm looking for comments & reviews of the book Mandolin Blues: From Memphis to Maxwell Street by Rich DelGrosso.

    Is this book a good first 'mando blues' selection?

    Is it good for the intermediate player?

    Any other comments?

    Also, what are some other good blues mandolin books?

  2. bmac
    I have some comments on a previous thread reviewing DelGrossos' book. ... I think it is a "must have" for the serious student of mandolin blues.

    I would recommend it to anyone interested in mandolin blues. DelGrosso is a natural teacher who spices his lessons with interesting historical info which should lead the reader to further explore the rich mandolin blues history. If one works his way through this publication and practices hard he should have a pretty solid start... Very highly recommended!

    A plus is the variety of stuff DelGrosso has on YouTube. What I like best about him is he seems to focus on getting the most out of the raw blues trechniques without decorating his playing with too much fancy stuff.

  3. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Hi Bart:

    Thanks very much for the reply! After reading your post, I was able to find your earlier review of this book in the 'Instructional Materials' thread from back in Jan. 2010. It really looks like a good instructional resource!

    Sorry for the duplicate thread/questions, but I tried searching the group for the title and it didn't turn up (probably my mistake).

    Anyways, thanks again. I'm looking forward to picking up this book.

    By the way, is it worth the extra $6 to get the hardback edition which includes the CD?

    Thanks again;
  4. bmac
    "Is the Hard cover worth the extra six bucks?"

    Not for me... It is a fine publication but once you have gone through it and gleaned what you can from it you probably won't refer to it much except for review and practice from time to time.

    It is really not a "book" in the conventional sense - More like a glossy magazine done on good paper and to me hard binding might be over-kill for home use.

    The brief articles on history are good but are mainly to stimulate further research if you choose.

  5. Gwernen
    Thanks for this from me too, I was just about to buy it.
  6. WayneLetang
    I got the book, another twist to the blues, it is a good book.. haven't yet worked through it all.. I been book collecting this winter... I agree good for reference ,,Wayne
  7. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    I got this book about a year ago and have really enjoyed working out of it!
    Unfortunately, I've since basically become a GDAE tenor guitar player, and I find that I can't do much of the material in this book because of there being so many 4 & 5 frets stretches.
  8. acatasus
    Great book, as much for the history lessons as for the instructions. I bought the soft copy and it included the CD.

    Another great resource is the Steve James DVDs.
  9. Mark "Quball" James
    Mark "Quball" James
    I thought book is good,kind of tricky for me I'm not advanced player by far..
    I also got Steve James one real good also.
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