an ambitious attempt at Eleanor Rigby on mandolin

  1. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Hi all Beatles fans

    I did, after playing mandolin for a year, attempt a take on Eleanor Rigby of the Beatles on mandolin. Needs some work still It was good fun.
    As soon as I have it as it should sound I will attempt to put it somewhere for general listening.

    Did not think it was possible, but am learning that many things are possible on mandolin!

    Happy Beatle playing all!

    Pasha Alden (Formally Vanillamandolin)
  2. GKWilson
    Can't wait to hear it Pasha.
  3. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    Definitely post that when you have it down, Pasha. I have as one of my goals to learn some Beatles songs. I'd like to hear how others are doing too.

    Roger Moss
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