1. PBR
    Hey everyone in the Tampa Bay, I'm thrilled to see that I'm not the only Mandolin enthusiast in the area. Do any of you know of any jams or events hereabouts? I just moved back here after being in Europe for a while and want to get connected. Thanks!

  2. shortcircuit
    Pat- Sacred Grounds on Bush Blvd at 7-9. Bluegrass jam. Wednesday nights. Maybe see ya there. Russ
  3. Claudzilla
    Hi - Len B. also in Clearwater told me about 2 jams locally in Pinellas County (St. Pete and Largo as I recall). I will ask him to post those also. Claudzilla
  4. sish
    Would love to find some friendly jams in Tampa/St Pete, thanks!

  5. Steve Zawacki
    Steve Zawacki
    Hi, all! A little out of the area (The Villages), but not by too much.
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