I'm new here and just wanted to say howdy

  1. ronwalker49
    Hello everyone..
    I just found your group and am happy to be here....Primarily a fiddle player with 50+ yrs exp. but have been playing Guitar and Banjo almost as long.....
    I have played with many local bands including The Dixie Riders--Rocky Bottom--Prime time--The Application wild water Band..And many others that I just can't remember at this time...

    My wife Donna is a very good Guitarist and has been my pickin buddy for more than 43 yrs, we call ourselves "Just Us" and have played many different kinds of music through the years....

    We are from Southwestern Ohio (Middletown) and music is our thing, so we are always looking for new Jams, or get together s... I am finally retired and love the freedom to come and go as I please....

    I am also a Baptist Minister who serves as an Evangelist out of "Faith Baptist" in Franklin Ohio, and we play a lot of Gospel music which I love....

    Although I am an accomplished musician I have not had much success with the mandolin...I am currently deeply involved with my 5th attempt in learning this (to me) difficult instrument..

    Merry Christmas to all of you...just me
  2. Macmandolin

    You might be interested in a map I recently put together of jams in the area. I am a banjo player myself and just learning mandolin but I am often asked about jams, so here you go.

    Jams in Southwest and Central Ohio
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