Strad-o-lin in Tucson , Az .

  1. StevieRay
    Hey Howdy ,

    Picked up what I think is a Stradolin but not sure of age ...posted pics on Mando Hangout under 1900 A Style Mandolin and folks there say Stradolin , so here I am looking fer more info ...have not had any luck posting a profile pic or mando pics here fer some reason ....and no luck seeing all photos here as well...

    My A style has segmented F holes but not like any I'm seeing here so far ...

    F holes are 14 mm wide at widest point with V notches fer bridge allign like a violn ...F holes are allmost tear drop but not completely ...

    If someone here could take a look at my pics on Mando Hangout Collectors Corner and comment here or there it would be a big help ....thanx ....Stevie
  2. Jimmie
    I'm not sure it's a Stradolin, but of course there's so much variety it may well be. That's a fairly standard Kay headstock shape, and most of the Strads I've seen (all those I currently play) have dot markers at the tenth rather than ninth fret. (I've not seen that configuration of dots before on a Strad.) Looks like a nice instrument.
  3. StevieRay
    Howdy ,

    Thanks Jimmie ...I'll keep lookin fer pics and include Kay in my search ...this puppy plays and sounds great ...having alot of fun with it backin up my fiddlin ...
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