Finger board

  1. snafu1937
    I just had the end of the fret board on my FF Quartz mandolin reduced in thickness by about 50% by a very good luthier in Gras Valley, CA. You can view a similar procedure at The End of the Fretboard Out Of The Way. I guess my heavy handedness caused me to hit the end of the fretboard with the pick a lot. This has cured that problem. Also added an unbound pick guard purchased from Cumberland Acoustics. My wife (my only fan) asked what I did with her husband because the new player sounded so much better. I just smiled and kept on pickin.....Seriously, I think the instrument does sound better. Bye the way; the folks at Cumberland Acoustic provide excellent service and they are just nice people as well. The luthier in Grass Valley was also a real gem....Needless to say, but my Breedlove is GREAT !!!
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