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  1. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Hi all
    A lurker on this forum, my SA roots do not assist me in achieving that old Blues sound on mandolin. Apart from listening to some of the videos, how can I achieve that sound? Any resources for learning to incorporate that genre somewhere in my mando music?
  2. bart mcneil
    bart mcneil
    You may already be aware of this but I would highly recommend Steve James's video on blues mandolin. he has two but either one are good and cover basically the same stuff, I have both and enjoy them both. In my opinion these are the premier videos of instruction. The book by Rich DelGrosso, Blues Mandolin, from Memphis to Maxwell Street, is excellent on blues history and technique,,,, Just depends on how you want to learn. This book kind of assumes that you already know how to read music,there is a small recording which goes with the book which you will find helpful. There may be others which I am not aware of but these are certainly valuable for both beginners and more experienced blues players. If I could choose only one it would be a Steve James video. But I would not want to choose only one.

    The collection of blues videos on this site offers great learning possibilities as well.
  3. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    For straightforward blues tunes I would try Dix Bruce's "First Lessons" book. Cheaper than Delgrosso and the arrangements are easier.
  4. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Thanks Maudlinmandolin. Very kind. I will probably need to go to a special music shop for that, but one never knows maybe SA music shops can surprise me, or perhaps the book is available at amazon.com.
  5. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Many thanks Bart. Will give the videos a try. That sounds like a good start.
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