Strad-o-lin under Collegiate label?

  1. James O'Rear
    James O'Rear
    Hiya folks,

    I have what is being described as "probably a Strad-o-lin" that I found in Tucson, AZ wearing a Collegiate by P'MICO decal. Literally falling apart so the perfect project instrument to learn what makes a mandolin tick. I've posted up the image right after I purchased it.

    More images on the Flickr site if you would like to see more. I'll be pouring over the group messages while on vacation. What a fantastic resource.
  2. bart mcneil
    bart mcneil
    Didn't we discuss this mando earlier??

    One of those odd Strad-O-Lins with the very unusual headstock shape, which looks like a poorly repaired broken headstock. As I think we discussed the brand name doesn't mean much as we find these instruments with several different brand names on them. Often with a decal identifying their brand name.

    As a young man I had no idea that companies did this. (simply put on a decal and sell an instrument as their own brand).
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