New RM-1 owner

  1. BadBrad
    I just got a used RM1. When these first came out I was kind of intrigued, but I figured they would sound metallic and tinny. Then I was at a mando camp where Butch Baldassari had one, and it just sounded like a loud mando. Not real woody sounding, but not real metallic either. Of course, anything would sound good in Butch's hands, so I tried it and still liked it. I thought it would be great for old time jams that had loud fiddles and banjos.

    So, I wanted one for years but couldn't really justify buying another mandolin. Finally, I found a used one on the classifieds here and got a good enough deal that I couldn't pass it up.

    It is pretty much what I expected -- loud and kind of brash. After playing it and then playing one of my other mandolins, the other mando sounded so sweet. I think some different strings and a different pick will improve the tone and hopefully not reduce the volume, although the current tonality should cut through pretty well at a loud jam.

    FWIW, the rest of my mando collection are mostly Sawchyns:
    Sawchyn A-2 (old Gibson A4 style)
    Sawchyn S-5 (Gibson F5 style)
    Sawchyn AO-2 octave mando
    Old Wave 2-point f-hole

    Brad B.
  2. GKWilson
    Welcome BadBrad,
    As you play it more you'll find how to draw the tone out of it.
    There is an entire thread dedicated to strings. So, I won't go into that.
    When the banjo players come up to you and ask you to turn the volume
    down. Just give them your most evil laugh.
    Then sit back and savor the moment.
  3. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    I like how you can "point" the mandolin's resonator at someone and make them back away just from the sheer amount of sound coming out of the instrument. Works really well on those pesky banjo players who always play as loud as they can and never seem to notice that the mandolin wants to take a break...
  4. liestman
    Welcome to the flock, BadBrad. Hey, why don't you post a picture of you with your RM1 in the Group Photos section so the first photos we see are actually an RM1 and not the non-RM1 that invaded our space a while back (no offense intended to that poster)!
  5. Shelagh Moore
    Shelagh Moore
    Strung and set up well, the RM-1 loses any of its remaining brashness but none of its dynamics. It's my regular session and gig mandolin.
  6. BadBrad
    I was playing it in my basement last night, and when I came back upstairs my wife asked if I was messing with the piano. I guess it does project pretty well.
  7. JeffD
    Comparing the RM-1 with just about any other resonator mandolin out there, it is the least brash and warmest toned res of the lot.
  8. Steve-o
    Well, I finally stopped lurking here and kicking the tires - just bought a used RM-1 from Cotton Music. What a fun mandolin to add to my herd (now at 7). I think I'll try the D'Addario FW74s on it. Thanks for stoking my reso-MAS!
  9. GKWilson
    Welcome to the club Steve-o.
    You have now become a banjo players worst nightmare.
  10. pheffernan
    I too recently joined the club, having picked up an early model from 2005. Would I be correct in assuming that the serial number of 006 on the back of the headstock means it was the sixth instrument made by National?
  11. GKWilson
    It sounds reasonable pheffernan. But, someone with more knowledge than I have needs to chime in.
    Does the headstock have the three white hash lines on it?
  12. pheffernan
    It does! I just posted a shot of the headstock to the group photos.
  13. Ryk Loske
    Ryk Loske
    New to the club. It came today. I do have one question ..... are these things legal? I mean ... this is just too much fun!!!

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