Flatpicks for the RM-1

  1. Wesley
    One thing I quickly discovered with my RM-1 when I got it last year was that the usual flatpicks I'd been using produced way too bright a sound for my tastes. On my guitars I'd used Martin mediums and red bears on my mandolins. So I started hunting through my flatpick collection and found that I had picked up one of these:


    So the Dava is now my usual pick of choice. But I've also used Dawg and Golden Gate picks with some success. Does anyone else use a different pick on their RM-1 than on their other mandolins?
  2. Shelagh Moore
    Shelagh Moore
    I use a Dunlop Ultex .73 on my RM-1 (with FW-74 flatwounds which help round and balance the sound) and an Ultex .60 on my Nava.
  3. liestman
    I use a different pick on the RM1 than on my other mandolins as well. I use JazzMando strings to get rid of any metallic sound natural to the RM1 but then use a thinner pick (a home-thinned-down Blue Chip TAD40, thinned to make it a Blue Chip TAD24 if you will) to bring back some shimmer to the E string will retaining the warmth on the low end. For the other mandos, I use an unmodified TAD40 always.
  4. JeffD
    BC TAD 60. Considerably less bright than other picks.
  5. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    I have been using a Blue Chip CT-55 1.4 mm for years and it is the best sounding one I have found, and I have tried EVERYTHING!
  6. Ryk Loske
    Ryk Loske
    The first thing i did when i got my RM-1 was try different strings .... i settled on the Thomastiks. Then i tried every pick in the house. And found that the combination of the Thomastics with ProlPlec picks was the right sound for me.

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