Calon Lān Mandolin Tab

  1. greenwdse
    Look, I'm a Newbie. I honestly haven't a clue if I'm doing this correctly. But I thought I'd give it a go.

    Does this look/sound alright? Would you add anything to it to give it more depth? I don't even know if the chords are right.

    Feel free to make any suggestions because Calon Lan is, quite frankly, a magnificent song.

  2. stevenmando
    Really nice tune ,this is the first time I played this piece, easy to follow, cords sound right , the tune flows and your tabs are spot on,great work ,steven from Texas
  3. stevenmando
    There is a web site I go to called the Session , it has all the music , English , Irish, Welsh, check it out , you can print the music and it has multiple versions of each song
  4. stevenmando
    I have to say when I went on the web site The Session and got the sheet music for Calon Lan they had the video of England got talent and they had a Welsh boys choir sing Calon Lan and its is so beautiful in the Welsh language and the song itself , made me cry listening to it, thanks for introducing it to me Steven
  5. greenwdse
    Thanks Steven. Last year there was a campaign by BBC Wales to get people fired up before the Six Nations. What's Six Nations you say? It's vengeful nationalism on the field of rugby when basically Ireland, Scotland and Wales take turns to try to annihilate England for centuries of oppression. It also has France and Italy, bless'm. It's great. Anyhoo, this BBC Wales campaign requested people learn the words to Calon Lan and film themselves singing so they could combine it into a song before the games began.

    My eight year old (a Welsh speaker unlike me) was able to learn the words without a hitch. I wanted to find something I could play on the mandolin. But alas, there's not much out there with Tab for a newbie like me (although I did indeed check out The Session which has a good collection of Welsh songs). So I sat down with my kid and came up with the stuff you see above.

    If you want to see the finished product of the BBC Wales campaign (and I hope you can play these in Texas), look at:

    Thanks for the compliment Steven. I'm hoping to add something kooky to the forum in a week or so. . so keep posted!
  6. stevenmando
    Really nice , here we speak everything and some of those Texas accents can sound strange especially for me as I am from California but I have always been a fan of a national language , its who you are , it embodies your soul and Welsh is such a beautiful language, liked the Videos , they were having so much fun, enjoy the Session they always put up new stuff happy learning Steven
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