Four Strings?

  1. Ray(T)
    Has anyone strung their RM-1 as a four string?

    I was fitting one of my very last sets of "Jazzmando" strings and one of the G's decded to part company with the rest of the loop at the tailpiece. Not wishing to waste a complete set of strings, I decided to see what the RM-1 would sound like with only 4 strings.(there's a video on youtube somewhere with Eli West playing an OM strung this way)

    As you might expect, the sound is less jangly and more focussed - not at all unpleasant - it has that electric jazz guitar sound and and I might keep it this way for the time being.

    I'm just glad I wasn't fitting the Thomastics I'd forgotten I'd already bought for when the Jazzmandos had run out!
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