New to North Carolina!

  1. Londy
    Hello fellow mando pickers! I am new to North Carolina (Chapel Hill area) and was hoping to meet some folks from the cafe. Anyone know of jams, festivals and the like that go on around here? Please hit me up! I hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    Hi Londy!

    Kernersville, NC area here

    Big NC events:
    Merlefest - April in Wilkesboro
    IBMA International Bluegrass Music Association's World of Bluegrass - end of Sept in Raleigh:

    Local jams in your area? Not sure about your area. Ask at music stores or post queation in main forum. There are listing sites like but not always up to date I've found.

    Good luck hooking up with local groups. I'm just getting started (year in May) but will be looking more for local get-togethers as the summer gets closer.

  3. Londy
    I'm in Chapel Hill...let me know if you wanna play sometime.
  4. CarolinaPaul
    Hello! I live in Raleigh and I'm just learning to play bluegrass mandolin. Send me a message and maybe we can meet up at a jam some time.
  5. timv
    Hey CarolinaPaul. Have you seen the the forum topic that started a few days ago?

    If I was closer... And a better picker...
  6. Gary Flye
    Gary Flye
    Hi Londy,

    The best source for information on jams in the Charlotte area is the Charlotte Folk Society. Look them up and ask if they have any information about jams in the Chapel Hill area.

    Welcome to NC!
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