Mas: Rm-1

  1. Mike Pilgrim
    Mike Pilgrim
    I have developed a mild to moderate case of MAS for the National RM-1. However, I have never actually played one.

    I live near Waynesville, NC. Is there anyone in Western NC who would be willing to let me play their RM-1 for a few minutes, just long enough to raise my MAS level to high? I would gladly buy you a set of strings/lunch.

    PM me if this would work for you and thanks in advance.
  2. montenero
    I live in Black Mountain and use my RM-1 at the Irish sessions in Asheville at Jack of the Wood Sunday afternoons 3-6 and the White Horse in Black Mountain Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30. You're welcome to try it out there, or we can arrange another time and place if you're headed this way.
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