Black T Shirts for Sale?

  1. Teak
    Mike, I like that blue T shirt "Black Mandolins". Do you have any more in stock for sale?
  2. GKWilson
    Teak. You get one after you buy three or more Black mandolins.
  3. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    What size do you wear Teak?
  4. pheffernan
    You mean one doesn't come complimentary with each custom build?
  5. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    I didn't say that did I? Just asked size.

    Pat you might want to send me your size as well then.
  6. Teak
    Mike, I am a size XL. I want to buy a T-shirt. Your work is worthy of FULL pay and I am not looking for a freebee.

  7. pheffernan
    Mike, I share Teak's preference for an XL and willingness to pay for the honor of wearing it.
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