1938 Stradolin (unmarked)

  1. mandopaul
    Hi Strad lovers, I posted in the pictures section already, but i'll put up some pics here.

    I just picked up this lovely Strad looking mando, wasn't sure it was a real one until I started to read up on them here. Sure enough while looking through the bass F hole, the date stamp turned up in dark blue ink APR 21 1938. Can't really see it good here, but just to give general location.
    Has anyone seen one this color before? It has the same appearance of an old A Gibson finish wise. And it sounds like a woody dry punchier old Gibson, very light weight also. Happy to have it. I have Labella .09's on it now.

    I need to get the cracked top looked at, it doesn't seem the brace is loose and it runs directly under the crack. Someone said to use wood shaving particles and fit them in with hyde glue, but where do you get that kind of glue? No where I know of. I think i'll just play it, since it sounds so good.

    Here is what it looks like with my mandolin appreciation club president overseeing

    Here is what makes me think the back is not solid, but a veneer

    The back

    Tuners and tailpiece have been painted gold

    Big Crack I think it was repaired badly some years ago

    The top doesn't look too caved in on the crack side (right hand side)

    Picture with some white orbs around it....is it haunted?

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