Who plays the National RM 1 as their priimary mandolin?

  1. samlyman
    I am curious to know who plays the RM1 as their primary mandolin? It seems to me from cafe posts and from chatting with pickers that many people pick up the instrument as a second instrument because of its tonal difference or increased volume and yet few people use the RM 1 as their primary...

    It looks like Rich Del Grosso and Silas Lowe from the Atomic Duo fall into the primary camp. Who else?

  2. Dan Hulse
    Dan Hulse
    I do. Picked up a lightly used one with hotplate. My Weber feels neglected I know.
  3. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    Just bought an RM-1 and intend to use it as my primary mandolin for group sessions. Since most of my solo playing is learning tunes for the group, I'm playing it exclusively, so far (2 weeks in).
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