(Finally) an RM-1 owner...Hot Plate question

  1. digitalshrub
    Hi all,

    Wow, after three years of non-stop lusting for an RM-1, I finally pulled the trigger on my preferred configuration, the maple/walnut with Hot Plate. It arrived two days ago and I've been having a blast.

    Action at the first fret is pretty tough...I'm really having to work to get that F natural on the high E strings. Is that just a nut issue?

    Overall I'm really happy with the mando, but the Hot Plate pickup feels a little lacking to me. Specifically, the G, D, and A courses are quite well amplified (especially the A course, which is really loud), but the E course seems muted. I've adjusted the tone pot on the mando and my amp(s), but no matter what it seems like the output is considerably less on the E course. Anyone have advice?
  2. digitalshrub
    I should add that I only tested the pick up through electric guitar amplifiers so far. I have not run it through a DI and PA yet.
  3. Ray(T)
    Action at the nut needed to be adjusted (lowered) on mine from new - it's easier to lower it than raise it - so it sounds like a setup issue to me.

    Did you buy it new? If so, it might be worth returning it and leaving them the "lack of volume" problem to worry about. I'd have thought that an ordinary guitar amp would be fine. I'm no expert with respect to electric instruments but the output level from my mandostrat is way lower than that from my new Godin guitar.
  4. digitalshrub
    Ray, thanks for chiming in! It's a lightly-used RM-1. I'm definitely gonna have it set up to address the action situation at the nut.

    As for the pickup...yeah, so weird. I adjusted the height of the Lollar pickup on the Hot Plate so the treble side is angled closer to the strings. Barely made a difference. I don't think I'll return the instrument as these are hard to come by and I won't always be playing it amplified. Will have my tech guy look at the electronics when I take it in for a setup. All in all it sounds great, I just wish the E course was a little louder when amplified, and that the A course was a touch softer.
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