Stratford Bluegrass Festival

  1. H.P.
    Does anyone have a website for this? The only info. I have been able to turn up online is that it will be July 10, 11, and 12, but I have nothing beyond that, no schedule, nothing.
  2. H.P.
    Thanks to Joe Nobiling for this link to info. on the Stratford Bluegrass Festival this weekend:
  3. H.P.
    My wife and I attended the Saturday afternoon session at Stratford. We heard a couple of good bands. There were two very lame performances, and at forty minutes per set, that was a lot of down time. I didn't see (or hear) any jamming going on at all.

    Is anyone aware of any site that lists music festivals in Iowa--all in one place? I've searched, but can only find fragmented information, and no listing at all for things I know are happening around the state. What a pity.
  4. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Sounds like it's time to start a listing, H.P.

    Also, this site might yield some results. It is by no means complete and you may already know about it.
  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I don't know of a site, but I will take this opportunity to plug the Iowa Friends of Old Time Music's Fiddler's Picnic, September 20. Here is a link to their homepage. I'll be there, along with the members of our band....
  6. farmerjones
    I attended the Stratford festivities Thursday, Friday and departed Saturday, during the Parade. This is either the forth or fifth year i've attended. Always great jamming. Some folks i only see there once a year.
    The large thunderstorms were bothersome this year. It would storm in the night or on into the morning. This would give most folks pause to depart for Stratford, i would imagine. Typically, by noon it was very humid and temps in the nineties. We had very flexible schedule this year. we were already on the road from elsewhere.
    Stratford is typical in some ways, with many listeners and some pickers. The festival is in a square city park, with the stage positioned somewhere within. Folks mostly interested in attending the performances camp around the park. The overflow from the park camp on the old railroad right of way. Folks mostly interested in jamming, camp on the old railroad right of way as a first choice. There were no more than ten of us jamming at any one time, compared to the hundreds that come to listen to the performances. Proof that pickers are a dieing breed.
  7. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Pickers are a dying breed, eh? Do you really believe that?
  8. H.P.
    From the demographics of the Stratford audience of "listeners," I would have to say bluegrass music doesn't have much of a future in Iowa.
  9. farmerjones
    I'm inclined to blame it on the economy, most everybody i jam with are retired. In years past, it was fuel prices that kept folks away.
    I don't know what Guitar Center stock is trading at, but the folks i jam with can't afford the gas, camping fee, and an entry fee that keeps going up, just to jam. Seems like everybody's gravitating to Missouri and Arkansas for the climate and the festivals. Several of which are donation only.
  10. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    The economy sucks in just about every way, doesn't it! We all are having to pick and chose the things we spend our money on, with a lot more consideration!
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