Iowa Festivals

  1. farmerjones
    Cherokee Music Festival is this weekend.
    You'll find Classic Country, Bluegrass, Folk & Old Time Music
    Featuring both stage entertainment and plenty of jamming.

    Stratford is hosting it's 25th Music Festival
    the weekend after the 4th of July.
    Mostly Bluegrass on the stage and plenty of jamming.
  2. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Iowa Friends of Old-Time Music 39th Annual Fiddler's Picnic, Sunday, September 20, noon - 6 pm, Johnson County Fairgrounds, Iowa City. The clickable link takes you to their website.
  3. maj34
    The Kalona Bluegrass Festival is this weekend (Fri-Sun, July 10-12) at the Windmill Ridge Campground in Kalona. The festival is organized by Paul Roberts, bassist in Bob Black's band Banjoy.
  4. David M.
    David M.
    Not a festival, but we have a weekly old time jam here in Muscatine at the Pizza Ranch. 7:00-9:00 or so. Tunes only, but we also dabble in the Irish stuff some, which I try to stay away from since I can't do it justice the way a "real" Irish fiddler can.

    It's a fun, low-key jam. Very informal. Come and go as you please. It's hosted by Chris Foss, the maker of Songbird Dulcimers who lives here in town.
  5. H.P.
    Thanks to Joe Nobiling for this link to info. on the Stratford Bluegrass Festival this weekend:
  6. farmerjones
    Strawberry Point is ground zero for Iowa Bluegrass this weekend. (July 25th)

    It's too far for me, but i spoke (and jammed) with a very nice lady that is on the festival board. Kudos to her! Hope y'all have fun!

  7. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Wondered if that one was still going on.
  8. H.P.
    Found out the Kalona Festival was this past weekend, not the 10th thru 12th, as mentioned in an earlier post. I would have gone to Kalona, if I hadn't been misinformed that it was the same weekend as Stratford. We have to be a bit more careful with the accuracy of the info. we share.
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