Tutors in South Wales

  1. shelfyowen
    Hi, does anyone know of any good Mandolin tutors in Cardiff/Pontypridd area?
  2. greenwdse
    Hi Shelfy. I've looked as well. There ain't many. But they do exist. Head to the musicteachers.co.uk website and you'll see.
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Sorry, can't help you -- I'm at the wrong end of Wales in Flintshire. Just wanted to say hello, though, and thanks for starting the first thread in this new group. There are a few mandolin players scattered through Wales, mostly in folk sessions, and this group may help encouraging a bit of link up.

  4. Playford1651
    Just seen this thread after posting: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/fo...ips-and-Tricks

    We're engaged in a similar search. www.musicteachers.co.uk lists five mandolin teachers in south Wales: Howie George, Llanelli; Paul Kreeger, Aberdare; Steve Todd, Cardiff; Gareth Wilkinson, Cardiff; Roger Winfield, Cardigan.

    Of these, Howie George would be ideally placed for us but his listed phone number no longer works. He's a registered artist with Arts Care / Gofal Celf, Carmarthen: http://www.acgc.co.uk/artists_howard_george.htm If we succeed in contacting him, I'll suggest he updates his contact details on musicteachers.co.uk

    We haven't tried contacting any of the others yet but if we do, I'll post results here.

    If there are any players in Carmarthenshire or West Glamorgan who either teach or feel able to help for a couple of sessions on a paying basis, we'd love to hear from them.
  5. greenwdse
    I was just in contact with someone in Swansea who's been a guitarist in a band for donks. I noticed he was on stage recently with his mandolin and I asked him, when I head out there, if he can teach me a few pointers. . .seeing that I'm a beginner and all. But he said he was basically a beginner mandolinist too.

    Any chance someone might want to lead some sort of afternoon-long workshop one of these days?
  6. shelfyowen
    Hi Guys, thanks for your advice. I have since found Steve Todd based in Cardiff and have arranged some lessons for the new year.

    If anyone else is interested i have posted a link to his website below.


  7. greenwdse

    He looks quite good. Nice website too. Please, oh please, keep us updated on your progress.
  8. Shelagh Moore
    Shelagh Moore
    I teach mandolin in Scotland but will be moving to South Wales towards the middle of this year so have joined the group in anticipation of meeting-up/sessions/exchanging info in due course.
  9. greenwdse
    Hi Richard. I'll have the red carpet ready.

    I'm sure we could link to a webpage if you have one!
  10. Playford1651
    Howie George appears to have moved out of the area.

    @ Shelfyowen: Any feedback on Steve Todd?
  11. Playford1651
    @ Richard Moore - do please let the group know in due course what part of south Wales you live in if you do offer lessons.

    I've been taking my son for fortnightly lessons with Steve Todd in Cardiff for the last month or two. They are going well, giving my beginner son (beginner mandolin; he's on grade 5 violin) a lot of important technique tips. Very usefully Steve has played in an early music group and has a bowlback (like my son) as well as a flatback (or maybe more than one - his teaching room is pretty full!), so my son's preference to playfor Tudor and Stuart period music on his instrument is being very well-served. Because its an hour's drive for us to get to Cardiff, we arranged 1 hour lessons once a fortnight rather than more usual 30 or 45min lesson once a week. It was very useful to be able to vary 'standard' music lesson timings this way.

    If anyone can give feedback on other mandolin teachers based in Wales, it would be very useful.
  12. SpikemJones
    Boreda! Thanks for the info, chaps. I found a few more teachers on music teachers.co.uk. I'm looking for a teacher in Cardiff & will let you know how I fare.
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