1. Dan Hulse
    Dan Hulse
    What are you using if anything?
    (Mine also has a hotplate).
  2. Ray(T)
    Humidification isn't usually necessary in the UK but, as a prcaution, I'd turn the hotplate down to a low setting

    Seriously, apart from protruding fret ends, I dn't think humidity would affect an RM1 as much as a "real" mandolin.
  3. liestman
    Not really for myy RM1 but we use a console-style automatic whole house humidifier that was in the 200-300 dollar range. I have to fill it with 2-3 gallons of water twice a day but it keeps the harps, uilleann pipes and our skin happy and the RM1 goes along for the ride.
  4. simcha
    I live in New Mexico--where we dance in the streets when the humidity rises to 15%. I store my other instruments (A5, wheymann, guitars, tenor guitars, etc) in a humidified cabinet. I bought an RM-1 from Elderly two years ago. I called National when I purchased it to ask specifically about humidification. They said that, even in Albuquerque, it wasn't necessary to humidify. I mentioned that I might store it in my cabinet. They replied, "don't overdue it." I have kept the RM-1 un-humidified for two years. I have had no problems.
  5. liestman
    Simcha, should have added that we only use that in the dead of winter. Here in the HOUSTON area, we normally don't have low humidity problems, especially the last few days here, for some reason ;-)
  6. simcha
    That is true, Liestman. No humidification in summer. We cool our house (as most do here) with a swamp cooler. Big roof fan sucking air through water impregnated pads. Plenty humid. You folks in Houston are certainly overdoing it with the humidity these days. I hope all is well with you and yours.
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