Mando tasting!

  1. Fred G
    Fred G
    We had a meet and greet at grefox again this year and I will post the pictures here.
  2. ELSOL102
    I decided at the last minute to go and arrived 4am on Thursday....I left my guitar at home and only took the mandolin..I didn't have time to look up where and when you were gonna meet. if you were in the audience on Saturday evening when they posted the photos of jammers on the big screen I was in there...the woman with a purple T shirt on playing my F style mandolin...They photographed us on Saturday morning jamming and it was pretty wild to see my photo and my fellow jammers photo up there on the big screen on Saturday night...LOL
    Because I left so late I didn't know where you guys were gonna meet...but also...I was attending the slow jam for the mandolin...but this year...I jammed 2 nights till 4am and I was able to play 4 finger chop chords and keep up with about 99 percent of the songs folks were I was pretty I've only been playing mandolin since last year and a good part of that time I didn't play probably six months rather sporadically.
  3. Fred G
    Fred G
    that's great! maybe next year we can get greyfox to give us an hour at the grassroots tent or somewhere which can be put in the program.
  4. Phil Sussman
    Phil Sussman
    My first trip to Grey Fox. I think I'm hooked. Highlights for me included the following:

    * Sarah Jarosz and Sierra Hull doing duets in the Masters tent.
    * Jody Stecher playing mandolin with Peter Rowan.
    * Mandolin 101 and Mandolin 102.
    * Mandolin slow jam sessions.
    * Jamming with my usual suspects.
  5. mzuch
    So sorry I missed this. I spaced out on the time. Had my Newson with me and everything. Oh well, there's always next year.
  6. Dave Greenspoon
    Dave Greenspoon
    I wish I hadn't missed the tasting! I heard different times for the meet, and then the rain, etc. Maybe we can figure a better way for next year. I even missed finding Michael Z, even though he was camping not too far from me.
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