Blues Mandolin resources at Mandolin Cafe

  1. Ranald
    Not much seems to happen in this group, other than the odd attempt to start a discussion that quickly fades away. However, here are some resources for people interested in blues on mandolin.

    Toward the bottom of the Forum page (to get this, click "Forum" at the top of any Mandolin Cafe page) is a headline "Forum: Jazz, Swing, Blues, Bossa, Choro, Klezmer, Ragtime." This is one place you'll find discussions relating to blues. I've been posting videos of "Blues Stomps, & Rags" on there for a few weeks (it's now June 1, 2018), and plan to continue. On the "Jazz, Swing, Blues..." Forum are threads such as the following, discussing good examples of blues mandolinists:

    Furthermore, you can enter "Blues" or "Blues mandolin" into the space entitled "Advanced Search" at the top right of this (or any) page, and find much more.

    And here's a page on mandolin players, from "Weenie Campbell," an old-blues site, guaranteed to keep you on the internet and away from your mandolin for some time.

    It'll be an enjoyable search.
  2. Amandalyn
    Thank you for your input Ranald. I enjoy your posts on the “Stomps and rags”. Good stuff! Would be nice to get more input on this Blues group!
  3. Ranald
    Thanks, Amandalyn. I'd add to the resources above, your thread on the Blues Mando group page (here), "Blues Mando Video/links". Sorry to misss it before.
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