Kimble Register

  1. Ray(T)
    You may or may not have seen the "Ellis Registry" discussion here -!

    Scott is up for adding one for Kimbles. What do people think? (There used to be a Kimble register compiled by Mark Daly but this disappeared some time ago.)
  2. V70416
    I would be very interested in a Kimble Registry.
  3. V70416
    OK,we're off to a grand start! My pictures are usually sasquatch-quality but I will try to capture the essence of my Kimble A5 style mandolin,blackface. I talked Will into using some kind of violin varnish for the finish. He was not very happy with it but I love it!

    This is #12 completed in May 2002. Will's first black mando and first varnish finish mando.

    Pics to follow...bad light now.
  4. Scott R
    Scott R
    Hey there! I'm the guy putting together the registry for these, would love to talk with you all about photos. Just send me a PM.
  5. AMandolin
    That sounds like a great idea
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