New RM-1 Owner - String Advice To Lower Volume?

  1. Brian V
    Brian V
    I'm new to the forum and have only been playing for about 6 months. I borrowed my daughter's mando to start out but needed one of my own and after researching and trying different instruments I decided on the RM-1......and love it! Since I'm only playing at home by myself for now I'd like to lower the volume a bit if possible. I want to to try the GHS Pure Nickel strings and they come in medium and medium light gauge. I'm wondering if one would be quieter than the other? And how would D'Addario FW74's compare volume wise? I'll try them all eventually but want to decide which way to go first.
  2. pheffernan
    I have Thomastik-Infeld Starks on my RM-1, as the instrument is loud enough to afford any potential loss of volume due to strings. I find that they warm up the tone, feel great on the fingers, and last for months too. The only trade-off is that they are not as cheap as many alternatives.
  3. Ray(T)
    Ear plugs?
  4. liestman
    For a bit quieter, I agree with pheffernan - Thomastik Starks. They sound awesome and warm. They are really expensive but they last so much longer that I think they are worth it and maybe the same price per year, if that makes sense, as other brands/types. The FW74s are also a pretty darn good choice.
  5. Brian V
    Brian V
    Thanks for the advice guys. My thinking was to give the cheaper D'Addario's a try to see if I like flat wounds before dropping really big bucks on the Thomastiks. Ray - the earplugs would be for my wife!
  6. Davey
    I've gone for silk and steel strings and a light pick (0.60). The sound is quite sweet. If the Session gets noisy, I use a heavier pick. I took the wrong Mandolin to the pub last night, couldn't hear myself at all. It's the National next time.
  7. Ray(T)
    Just joking Brian. I also took the wrong mandolin to the pub last night, Davey. I decided to give my GBOM an outing but I should either have taken either my National or Kimble; not much to choose volume wise. For the National, I’m down to my last two sets of Jazzmandos (remember them?) and I have a set of Thomastics in stock.
  8. Davey
    Hi Ray, Kimble as loud as the National ? I want one. I was playing in Holmfirth in Yorkshire, where were you ?
  9. Ray(T)
    Hi Davey - if you want one, buy one. But you’ll have to find one first. I’m only aware of two in the UK and I have both of them. I get bored at festivals (as I usually have little interest in most of the acts) so I’ve never been a festival goer unless I’ve had something to do. The last one I remember going to was Leeds in 1983.
  10. Davey
    HI Ray, I was wondering where you were playing the other night as I suspect we're not too far apart. I believe I finally have enough Mandolins, but was interested in your comment about your Kimble being as loud as the National.
  11. Ray(T)
    I’ll PM you.
  12. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    I agree about the Thomastik flatwound strings. Brilliant. I have had mine on for a year! Have played 3 months in Thailand with it and just wipe them off after gigs. Corrosion only on the E and A treble strings, so have changed some of them. Great for the hotplate pickup
  13. Brian V
    Brian V
    I recently bit the bullet and bought a set of Thomastik mediums and they did exactly what I hoped they would....cut the Rm-1's volume just enough and I love the tone and easy playability.
  14. liestman
    Did you get the mediums or the "starks"? I think most of us play the starks, which are still smaller diameter than normal mandolin medium strings, and the medium Thomastiks are smaller diameter still.
  15. Brian V
    Brian V
    liestman - I got the mediums
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