Lifetime Newbie

  1. MikeZito
    Long story short - I played mandolin on this song back in 2001. 18+ years have passed since then, and I haven't gotten any better.

    Hopefully you will find something that doesn't make you laugh too much . . .
  2. HonketyHank
    No laughter here, Mike. You looking to bump off Chris T or something? I think you have a nice style with good technical skills that could serve you well. Heck, if you have been at it for 18+ years with a day job too, you haven't starved to death. And if you haven't decrepitated all over yourself in that time you're probably a reputable upstanding member of society to boot. Gentleman and a scholar.

    Good song, very nice recording engineer job, nice voice, nice instrumental work. CT? No. Bill Monroe? No. Jethro Burns? No. But as you, quite OK.

    Thanks for posting the tune. I could listen to more stuff like that.
  3. SOMorris
    No laughter from me either, Mike. Talk about a one man band! I thought you did a great job.
  4. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    I really enjoyed that, Mike. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    Nice work, Mike. Loved the running commentary too!
  6. MikeZito
    As Jethro Burns would say; 'Thank you for your pitty'.

    You're a good, supportive group of folks, and I truly appreciate all the newbies for their constant words of encouragement to all who belong to our little cluster.
  7. bbcee
    Mike, there's nothing here to be timid about! Along with your excellent playing, you've got a fine singing voice.
  8. mandoweather
    I enjoyed that! Thanks for posting.

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