NC Newbie and first Big Mando

  1. Joel Osborne
    Joel Osborne
    Hello everyone another newbie here. I started learning the Mandolin a couple of months ago and I am hooked. About a month ago, I took the plunge and ordered my first Big Mandolin a Ratliff RA-5. Mr. Audey Ratliff is an extremely nice man and I excited heís willing to build me a mandolin. The hard part, waiting another 5-6 months. I guess Iíve got time to practice while I wait. Are there any other NC newbies out there?
  2. HonketyHank
    I am not from NC but I did spend most of my youth in SC so I am happy to say "welcome, neighbor". I do know there are plenty of folks happy with their Ratliff mandolins, including at least one of us Newbies.
  3. MikeZito
    I have driven through NC a couple of times, but I don't suppose that counts . . .

    Welcome aboard anyhow and keep up updated on your progress.
  4. SOMorris
    Welcome Appstate Mando. Starting out then ordering an custom build mandolin almost right off the bat is pretty impressive to me. Enjoy!
  5. Swimbob
    Hi Appstate! Welcome in. I'm in SC but one of may favorite places on earth is the Nantahala River in NC. Are you far from there? The Appalacian Trail crosses there.
  6. Joel Osborne
    Joel Osborne
    I reside in the vast metropolis of Lincolnton NC , for me it's about a 3hr drive to the Nantahala. I am from Boone NC which is up in the mountains. The NC mountains are hard to beat. Are you working on any new tunes? I am currently working on The Butterfly which I found on Mandolessons.

  7. HonketyHank
    The Newbies tune of the month for February is an Irish classic, Planxty Irwin, which I may well take a crack at. I skipped January - just couldn't get in the swing of being a clucky old hen.
  8. Swimbob
    I try to learn a new tune every other week or so. My most recent attempt was at a song called Calum's Road. It's very slow and the melody is pleasant. I found a guy on Mandolin Cafe named David Hansen and he posts a lot of Irish tunes on you tube. I've learned about 4 tunes in a row from him.
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