Interesting new Homenick Stradolin / mandolin

  1. Cousin Dave
    Cousin Dave
    Just spotted this on Reverb:
    The custom bill of sale is pretty interesting! Seems to be another indication that they may have been the builder of at least the higher end artist stradolins...
  2. Jim Garber
    Jim Garber
    Am I reading this right? Did they give them $10 off for trading in a Gibson? Wouldn't it be ironic if she traded an F-5 for this mandolin?
  3. MikeEdgerton
    The one thing I can say about the "Homenick" labeled Strad-O-Lins is that the inlay on every one I've seen has been just awful. That's one reason I can't really accept the fact that these guys built them. The workmanship on what should be their flagship models basically sucks. I think they added it themselves. Note the added pearl dots on the fretboard that aren't even lined up. I feel sorry for the person that bought it and the guy selling has got zero chance of getting over two grand for it unless one of the original buyer's relatives decide they want it.
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