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  1. Mando43
    Hi all
    I've been playing bass guitar for a good few years now but decided to move to mandolin after owning one for 5 years but not playing it seriously. Now i want it to be my main instrument. I'm based in the uk and would be great to get to know people in the same boat as me.

  2. SOMorris
    Welcome, Tony. It seems like an awful lot of the folks here (but not yours truly) started out on another instrument. There are quite a few guitar players, so you should fit right in.

    Again, welcome to the Newbies group.
  3. HonketyHank
    Hi Tony, I'm glad you found us. Me, I started out on Bb clarinet 60 years ago. That didn't last long, but it got me started with music notation.

    There are quite a few UK-based folks out in the main forums and I think there are a few here as well. But we are all working on, and discussing, the basics. Don't hesitate to ask questions as they arise.

    A lot of us have used, and are still using, the resources found (free) at That site's owner, Baron Collins-Hill, has a series of lessons on mandolin technique and a bunch of lessons on individual tunes. He has been known to drop in here every now and then as well.
  4. Swimbob
    Hi Tony, I too am a recovering bassist. I played bass guitar for over 40 years before picking up a mandolin. While I'm still a better bassist I love playing this little thing.

    Welcome to the group. Hang on. Enjoy the ride.
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