Week #102 ~ Clinch Mountain Backstep

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner, by a landslide, is Clinch Mountain Backstep, which was submitted as a bluegrass tune. I'm not familiar with it. I found it attributed to Dr. Ralph Stanley.

    Here is abc from Mandozine (and Nigel Gatherer)

    T:Clinch Mountain Backstep
    S:Bluegrass and Old Time Mandolin Newsletter, 1980
    Z:Nigel Gatherer
    S:Nigel Gatherer to CoMandoList TOW
    aa|"A"aa g2 e2 eg|"A"edcc A2 aa|"A"aagg e2 d2|"E7" e2 ee eeaa|
    "A"aggg eeeg|"A"edcc A2 GA|"A"AAAA "E7"cAGB|"A"A2ee ee:|
    E2|GAAA AAcc|ccAA GG E2|\
    GAAA AAcc cc d2|\
    e2 ee ee aa|
    aa g2 e2 eg|edcc A2 GA|AAAA cAGB|A2 ee ee:|

    Here is another link to info on this tune from Nigel Gatherer

    Here is an instructional video (on guitar) but at least you'll be able to hear what the melody sounds like!

    Here's one of Sierra Hull on mandolin

    Here's one of a solo mandolin of Pete Frostic

    and here's an instructional video on a mandolin

  2. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    This bluegrass instrumental is played on a Gibson F2 with guitar backup. One time through slowly and then it's up to speed. It is called the Clinch Mountain Backstep because of the extra 2/4 measure in the B part.

  3. Marcelyn
    Wonderful, Michael! The contrast between the haunting slow version and lively second time through was great. I really like this song.
  4. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto

    What a great song, great performance.
  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Words can't describe how wonderful that was Michael!!!! You make it look easy!
  6. Toycona
    Excellent arrangement. I've always thought of that song as a jam song and loved to hear it ramp up and whip around the circle, but the slow arrangement and haunting, graceful end was really fine!
  7. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Fantastic Michael, that's brilliant.....it's beyond me, I'll have to give this one a miss.......
  8. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Michael - Very enjoyable. I wish I could steal a hot lick from you but my eyes, ears, and fingers don’t move that fast. I’m glad I belong to this group. Thanks, Michael.
  9. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Super playing once again, that man! Lovely smooth style and control here, Michael.
  10. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Mighty fine there, Michael. You've got a great feel for this tune.
  11. Chris Travers
    Chris Travers
    I guess it's my turn... Hope you like it.

  12. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Chris, nothing like coming back with a bang! That was awesome! Don't be a stranger!
  13. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Michael and Chris - great, great versions there lads!
  14. dcdan
    great fingers Chris, and Michael creative arrangement, great execution, and so polished.
  15. Chris Travers
    Chris Travers
    Thanks guys! Lets hear some of your versions!
  16. tnt2002
    Michael, as usual, you blow me away. Nice.

    Chris, First video I've seen from you, and wow!, nice job, you set the bar incredibly high.

    Let me lower it a bit...

  17. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Fantastic Chris and Tom, you did far better than I ever could........great stuff
  18. dcdan
    nice tom...I tried to do something different , and I think I just made a mess! but I'm to tired to do a second take. Hopefully I'll take a second shot later in the week....and What the Heck am I doing with my mouth???? I think its because i play a lot of sax....Anyway here's my submission ...atleast for now
  19. Marcelyn
    Chris, really nice. I hope you become more regular around here.

    Tom and Dan, those are also great and some cool twists on the tune.

    Tosh, this one reminds me a lot of Pretty Little Cat which you introduced here last year. I think that's how I was able to pick it up in just a few days.

  20. Chris Travers
    Chris Travers
    Marcelyn, I used to be more regular. In fact, I was the first member to join this group! I posted all the songs from week 1 to week 37, then things got busy and I had to quit for awhile. I probably won't be able to post every week, but I will definitely try to post more often.

    Nice version by the way! Like that mando, what kind is it?
  21. Marcelyn
    Thanks Chris, I've done a lot of backtracking through early weeks, so I'd caught a lot of your earlier stuff. I guess I started just ten weeks or so after you took a break. That's my flat top mandolin which Kieth Newell made last summer.
  22. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Tom: good solid effort and the ending was very tasty.
    Chris: hot licks on a hot mandolin.
    Marcelyn: very nice arrangement and some very cool variations...thanks!
  23. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Marcelyn, that was great and the Newell sounds superb. Pretty Little Cat came by way of Nigel Gatherer's site. Like Chris, I've been doing a 6 day week which isn't leaving a lot of space and something has to give somewhere. I'll work on it and when I'm comfortable with it I'll post something, I just need to get through this month and hopefully things will calm down a bit. MAS and gadgetitus are terrible things!!!!!!! But I'd rather be poor and have something to look forward to than be rich and nothing to worry about!!!!!
  24. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    Michael, Chris, Tom and Marcelyn! Thank you so much for such wonderful playing and inspiring me to get back in the SAW swing! Really wonderful versions .... all haunting and beautiful.
  25. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto

    I've been waiting to hear your take on this one...knew you'd give us a great version and you did not disappoint. Marvelous groove and the sound was so big and clear. Just wonderful.
  26. dcdan
    Marcelyn thats a sweet take. Here is my more traditionally bluegrass version ..still learning the video thingD5AWlcGxsPo
  27. dcdan
    Can anybody tell me why my video clips are not inserting as they used to and are now just showing the URL?
  28. dcdan
  29. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto

    How's this, Dan?
  30. dcdan
    Thanks Brent . I don't understand what I did wrong I've been doing it the same way i always have. I hit share then copy the url in the box, come to the discussion . Hit the film icon in the upper right that says insert video and I paste into the box. Do you recognize where i am going wrong?...anyway thanks for posting it properly.
  31. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto
    The only thing that gets pasted into the YOUTUBE BB-code is the video's unique identifier like "D5AWlcGxsPo", rather than the full URL. I suspect you were pasting the whole http:// and so forth along with it.
  32. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    dcdan, what you want to do, is go to your You Tube video. Instead of copying the url in the share box, go to the top, the url of the page, and copy the code after the "=" in the address. Then, in the discussion you want to embed your video, you click the icon that says 'tube' and paste the code you copied from your youtube video url, then click OK. That should embed it.
  33. Marcelyn
    Also, just in case you want to get your first video to embed, you can edit the same post until the video shows upp. Sometimes, the copy and paste puts an extra space in for me, so I click edit and fiddle with it until the video appears. I got to see your video from the link, but I agree with you, it's more fun to have an embedded picture.

    Cool fiddling. I have to try this song out on the fiddle now.
  34. jordandvm
    Great work everyone. I decided to try this because we play it in our Bluegrass jam. I recorded my (borrowed) Slingerland tenor banjo with Audacity and played along with the recording. I'm playing with my Breedlove FF Quartz mandolin.

    Here goes.....

  35. GKWilson
    Hi Dan. I think what you did was try to embed on the 'Quick Reply'. It works only on the '+ Reply'. Been there - done that.
    Great job by everyone this week. Too many of you to mention. You know who you are.
    Marcelyn. Your mando's sounding nice. Love those low strings.
    Micheal. If the F2 ever disappears, don't look in my closet. I'm dying of F2 envy.
  36. dcdan
    Thanks Gary I think your right here's trying to post the same videowpzLKo3diWk
  37. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas

    Not quite. You need to first click the "Go Advanced" button which gives you more options than the "Quick Reply" window, one of which is a red button saying "Tube". Click on that one and then paste the 11-character Youtube tag.

  38. dcdan
    The crazy thing is that I have been posting these for a long time and never had an issue
  39. dcdan
  40. dcdan
    Thank you all for the suggestions ..more than one of them work...but under the post message box when adding a video is something that says "automatically parse ..." and cannot be seen unless you scroll down and once that is unclicked everything else worked.http://youtu.be/D5AWlcGxsPo
  41. dcdan
    ok there is one case when it doesn't work..sorry for clogging up this thread with video trials
  42. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    I can see you’re having fun, Dan. You put a smile on my face too. You’re a one man band. Loved the PiP. Very enjoyable. Thanks.
  43. dcdan
    I really am enjoying myself and the group Mike...thanks
  44. Toycona
    Well, fresh off of our St. Gregory Parish festival gig, here's what I've been up to lately (that's Marcus CA on first mando/bigger hat). If you go on Youtube and search "Peninsula Bluegrass Crossing" you'll see some chunks of the rest of the set.

  45. GHall
    Here's a little jazzy version of CMB in Bm. Hope you enjoy
  46. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Very fine duet playing, you two. So in sync with one another. Improvisations are excellent.
  47. Gelsenbury
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