Kentucky Owners and Players: Come on Down!

  1. lflngpicker
    We welcome owners of ALL Kentucky's: from KM-140, KM-150, to the KM-1500 and all points in between or beyond, we want to you to be heard! Please join.
  2. Coffee Guy
    Coffee Guy
  3. johngdon
  4. lflngpicker
    Thanks John-- let's spread the word!
  5. Hokietanker
  6. lflngpicker
    The group is growing friends. I am between Kentucky's at the moment, but I remain an enthusiast as I seek another KM1000 in the future. Keep the group growing!
  7. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    Hello there. Ijust found out this group exists. I have a KM-250 and I love it.
  8. cbakewell
    Hi Everyone,

    I am at the lower end of the scale here - KM180s and KM100s.

    The KM100s is new to me, but after I lowered the action a bit it has really come alive, and is getting played more than any other in my collection.
  9. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    It's still a Kentucky. Welcome.
  10. David Anderson
    David Anderson
    Hi folks. I play a KM-1000.
  11. Mandochemist
    My first mando was a KM350s. I did some horrible things to it trying to lower the action before I knew what I was doing, but I still use it. I got an M-180 (from before they changed it to KM180s?) that belonged to a good friend who passed away last year. His kids knew I had borrowed it from him when I first started to play and that I liked it so they gave it to me. I shall never part with it. I like the tone of this instrument so much that I bought a KM180s for less than $200 and I am practicing my luthier skills on it. I removed the frets, sanded off the "hump", refretted and made a new nut. Much better.
  12. illinoisfiddler
    KM-1000 and KM-1500 here. Thinking about a lower-end Kentucky as a stage and beater instrument.
  13. Gunnar
    I play a KM 150, is this group still active?
  14. John Van Zandt
    John Van Zandt
    Hello everyone!
  15. NCEric
    Hello all. 2012 KM-630
  16. Steve Johnston
    Steve Johnston
    My first "real" mandolin was a KM 200s. I played that for many years until i acquired a Givens. I recently bought a KM1500 that was revoiced and refinished by Jonathan McClanahan. I have played many of the higher end Kentucky's but non of them grabbed me like my McClanahan.
  17. Guitfiddle Mike
    Guitfiddle Mike
    Just added an older (PO says 80's, Serial begins with 89). KM-1500 to the stable.
  18. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    KM-950 with internal K&K. Purchased used via the classified ads on this fine site. It doesn't sound like any f-hole A (or F) model I've ever heard or played. A unique sound, and punchy, loud.
  19. neerlynormal
    Hi all

    Beginner with KM 675
  20. Erin M
    Erin M
    Hello - mandolin newcomer (and new to the forum) with a KM1000.
  21. Erin M
    Erin M
    Hi Kentucky Mandolin Owners:

    I'm curious if any of you have made any changes/modifications to your instruments? In my case, I changed the factory bridge on my 2019 KM1000 to a Cumberland Acoustics bridge. I was quite taken by the improvement in sound and volume/projection; it really made a huge difference.

  22. tassiespirit
    Originaly purchased new a Km675 and installed a Fishman M100 pickup on it. Later around 2011 I sold that on and replaced it with a new Km1000.
  23. Hammerless
    Hi Folks,
    I'm a new mandolin student and very pleased with my new KM-276!
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