BlueChip up for free from me.

  1. Ellsdemon
    Hi All

    I've got a BlueChip pick that I have played for sometime, but I've gotten a new one and I'm preferring that to my CT 55 that I'd like someone else have the experience using a BlueChip.

    Like I said, it's a CT 55 or the Chris Thile version. The catch is it's got a engraving in. It say's "Ottos Pick". I'm Otto. You'll have a story to tell on how you got it.

    Here's how I'll be willing to give it away for free. I have a number in my mind, the first person to guess the number wins the pick. The number is between 1-20. Winner will DM me with info so I can mail it out. I'll close the lottery on Friday 9/25/20

    I love the BC picks and love the feel and sound that the give. I swear, the more I play with it when sitting down, it feels like it starts to "glue" to your finger and I have more confidence playing with a real loose grip. The only problem I see with them is their price, which is $40 for one.

    Hope this helps someone out you couldn't get to experience them otherwise.

  2. HonketyHank
    Hey, I'm in. Gimme 17. Don't know why except that it was the first number that popped into my head.

    This is fun. Great idea, Otto. Thanks for doing it.

    I know 17 is the winner, but keep the lottery going for good appearance.
  3. bbcee
    Sorry Hank, the number's actually 18, and I'll be sending you my details, Otto. I usually play heavier BC's, but found the 50's & 55's sound really good on a couple of instruments. Thanks for doing this, good karma!
  4. brogh
    Id say 11
  5. SOMorris
    Neat idea, Otto.

    I will pick 3.
  6. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    What a great thing to do, Otto!

    I'm not going to guess, as I'm liking thinner picks, but this is a very cool way to move your pick along to a new owner.
  7. Timothy Burke
    Timothy Burke
    I'm in a pick dilemma right now and the Blue Chip may save me - # 5 Thanks Otto
  8. Ellsdemon
    Thanks everyone. I hope it works out for someone. I'm going to announce the winner tomorrow @ 7pm PST. I'll ping the winner afterwards. My new pick is a BC as well but I went with a different style. I got the TPR 60, I'm really surprised on the difference it produces, almost shockingly.
  9. Ellsdemon
    Sorry I'm a little late, but we have a winner with Bactrian5 with a their pick of #5. My number was 8. Thanks for playing.
  10. HonketyHank
    Hey wait a minute. My guess was 17. Right on the nose! 1+7=8, Right? Awwwwww...

    But I guess the winner is who Otto says is the winner.

    Bactrian5, congratulations! Otto did say that the winner has to do a tune of the month video with the new pick, didn't he?
  11. Ellsdemon
    You're right Hank, that was part of the deal.
  12. brogh
    congrats @Bactrian5
  13. bbcee
    Appreciate you doing this, Otto, and hope this solves your dilemma, Bactrian!
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