Cleaning the Breedlove KF with a matte finish

  1. iancohen82
    I'd like to clean/polish my mandolin. I called Breedlove, and they told me to use "spit." That saliva was non-corrosive and would be all I need. What do you guys do? My mando has a matte finish and I'm anxious about spraying anything on it, but I'm tired of using my saliva.
  2. Ken Scarbrough
    Ken Scarbrough
    I just wipe mine down with a micro cloth each time before I return it to the case,strings as well.
  3. MandoSquirrel
    Being OCD, I find the spit suggestion disgusting, though I have previously respected the recommendations from Breedlove; maybe it's because of the buyout. My brother & his family gave me some Ernie Ball guitar polish for Christmas a couple of years ago, so that's what I use on all my instruments when they need it(except harmonicas!). Any polish from any of the instrument, string, or accessory companies should be fine, as should most products for cleaning wood furniture. I've always had adequate results either way. Some people use certain Megular(?) products on instruments.
  4. multidon
    This is direct from the Breedlove Web site:

    If you have a satin or semi gloss guitar, please do not use polish. When a polish is used on the satin it changes the appearance permanently creating gloss spots, the proper way to take care of this finish is simply to use a moist rag.
  5. MandoSquirrel
    I've never seen a decent polish damage a finish. But I've only messed with string instruments for 45 years, so what do I know.
  6. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    The company is being conservative given that some folks overdo the polishing. A slightly damp soft fine cloth or a microfibre cloth does the job fine.
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