1. mandopete
    Next to Bill Monroe I can't think of another person who has had more influence on the mandolin and mandolin music than David "The Dawg" Grisman. I recall when I first heard the David Grisman Quintet album (yes album as in vinyl record) I thought that music was bluegrass. Well over the years I learned it was really Dawg music.

    And since there was a Bill Monroe group I thought we definately needed a David Grisman group as well.
  2. Scott Holt
    Scott Holt
    I remember back in my college days I was a big deadhead, and I was so excited to find a copy of old and in the way at a record convention. I took it home, put it on the stereo, and it was bluegrass! I had no foggy idea, I figured it was yet another Garcia side project. That became a turning point in my musical tastes, and since that time I have been a big Dawg fan. Undoubtedly, one of the most influential musicians in my life. In many ways through Grisman's music, I wanted to understand where it came from. This of course led to my discovery of Monroe, Wakefield, et. al. This led me towards bluegrass as well as other genres.
  3. Dan Hoover
    Dan Hoover
    when i was 14,i saw David Grisman playing on tv..i became infatuated with the mandolin,went out bought the "record" Mondo Mando..along with some other mandolin lp's...then my mom/dad bought me a mandolin for christmas,a Washburn M-2..i took lessons for about a year,then thing's changed,my interest's turned towards,girls,cars,working,partying,did i say girls?so my mando took a rest..but,i always had it on my mind,always spotting out the mando when i heard it in a song..near 30 years later,my kids are almost out of the house,i'm taking care of the home,i'm getting reacquainted with my mando...and man is it hard...but thanks to the WWW,places like you-tube and most importantly here,it's very pleasurable...so today when i see this group start up...i have to be part of it...yes Grisman is definitely the turning point for me..thanks for starting it mandopete,hope we can get something going here...just so you know,my fingers are still very tender...cheers, Dan
  4. tango_grass
    I heard Grisman and Garcia do the Shady Grove disc and my mind was blown.....and now Dawg has been and will always be my big mando influence...Long live the Dawg!
  5. Daniel Nestlerode
    Daniel Nestlerode
    For me it was Garcia/Grisman. I am not a deadhead and I had a bit of a block about anything related. Hero worship makes me uncomfortable, and Deadheads seemed to me to be the ultimate hero worshippers. But I picked up the CD because I knew Joe Craven from local gigs in the Davis CA area in the late 80s.

    Wow. A whole new world. Mandolin was very intriguing, it seemed doable, and like having the ability to play it would make me more useful in bands and jams.

    First mandolin song I learned to play was "Two Soldiers" off that CD. I was amazed because I could transcribe the tune fairly easily. I was "Off and Running." Haven't looked back.

  6. Jim MacDaniel
    Jim MacDaniel
    While I credit Iain Macleod and Shooglenifty as the spark for wanting to learn mandolin in ~2000, Dawg provided the kindling back in 1979 or 1980. I came home one weekend night way back then and turned on the TV, hoping to find something interesting on Don Kirschner's Rock Conert. Instead, I landed on something on PBS instead (Austin City Limits, or the like), where the David Grisman Quintet was playing what I now believe to be music from Hot Dawg. I was mesmerized, and the next day wanted to go out and buy a mandolin. However, being a stoner involved in garage bands, once I got to the music store I ended up upgrading my bass to a Fender Jazz -- but I never forgot the mandolin nor "Dawg music", and eventually found my way back to them at the turn of this decade.
  7. Scott Austin
    Scott Austin
    I was deep in bluegrassland around age 14/15 and went to a public radio sponsored festival and saw the DGQ and lost my mind,I picked up Hot Dawg and wore it out and then acquired every other album as they were released.Stopped playing for about 15 years then 7 months ago bought a CD of the live album with Stephan Grapelli and got a new mandolin and have been playing non stop since,Grisman always tweeks my brain better than anything else ever could.Thanks Mandopete
  8. joey6592
    I'm a huge deadhead and some of their songs use the mandolin in it. That's what got me interested. (That, old and in the way, jerry garia and david grisman, and oh brother where art thou? ;]). Dawg is a beast. especially in old and in the way. I think that's some of his best work personally. That and his band with jerry. (jerry garcia and david grisman)
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