A new old Venetian Style Professional model

  1. Denis Kearns
    Denis Kearns
    I recently picked up a cool two-point Stradolin after reading on the Cafe about how nice they are. Based on catalog images, mine is either a model 1500 (if it has a ďselected spruce topĒ) or a model 1501 (if it has a white spruce top). Although Iím a botanist, Iíve havenít tried yet to do any research on determining the difference between the two. Iíve post images for your enjoyment. It appears to be in great shape except for one thing - the tuners. They appear almost brand new, but look like the original style and have the correct screws. With the mando tuned to pitch, they are very difficult to turn. I have lubricated them and there seems to be plenty of space in the post holes. I have not tried any of the recommended abrasive techniques. At this point, Iím tempted to just find some good quality modern replacements, but hang on to the originals.

    One of the photos shows damage to the face due to the tuner posts. The last shows the metallic position markers instead of the more traditional mother of pearl. The mandolin has a nice sound and should be a fun instrument once I deal with the tuners. Have also though about replacing the bridge for one that has no chance of digging any more holes in the top.

    This mandolin is shown in a 1952 catalog, so itís at least as old as me!
  2. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Looks great! I love the look of the two pointers! How does it sound? And do you have a picture of the top?
  3. Denis Kearns
    Denis Kearns
    Sue - photo of front should be there now. Not sure why it didn’t load before. It has a nice bright sound based on my initial tuning up with the strings it came with. Once I get the tuner situation corrected, I’ll put on new strings and, hopefully, make a video to share with the group. I have, really, too many mandolins, but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get such as nice Stradolin. It has been fun learning about this “brand” and am glad that folks have been good about posting the catalog pages. I’ve found these catalog images also very useful in dating an older Harmony 410.

    My Stradolin came in a genuine faux alligator hide chipboard case - a Gibson, at that (not disclosed when I bought it). Will invest in something a little more sturdy.
  4. Denis Kearns
    Denis Kearns
    I found that , for some reason, you have to hit, “view all” to see the image of the front of the mandolin
  5. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Nice, it looks similar to mine, except for the points Mine's probably around 1941. I had one really super sticky tuner when I got it, but lubrication helped. It's still a little stiff, but workable. Luthier said if it got to be a pain I could change them, but I have these funky Kluson covered tuners and I wouldn't want to change the look if I don't really have to. I've accumulated 4 instruments in pretty quick succession, but my Stradolin is my favorite.
  6. Denis Kearns
    Denis Kearns
    Well, I ordered some tuner bushings from StewMac, but they seemed a little big, so I bit the bullet and ordered a set of Rubner mandolin tuners with ebony buttons. Should look nice and work really well. I also ordered a set of Rubner tuners for my 1930s Harmony H1327 Monterey guitar. Will report back once I have the Rubners installed on the Stradolin.
  7. Cary Fagan
    Cary Fagan
    That's a swell looking mandolin. Hope the new tuners help.
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