Let's not forget WSM!!!

  1. evanreilly
    I haven't forgotten Bill Monroe and his music.
  2. Mike Bunting
    Amen. It is fitting that on the anniversary of his passing that I will be flying to Owensboro for the Monroe style mandocamp where we can also celebrate his birthday some 98 years ago.
  3. mandolirius
    Have a wonderful trip, Mike. And we will be expecting a full report when you get back :-)
  4. Mike Bunting
    I still laugh when I think of Monroe and Baker pulling that stunt on you in Calgary! I don't think I could ever forget Mon's music, some gets played 'bout every day. It'll be Wayfaring Stranger at my funeral.
  5. D C Blood
    D C Blood
    Monroe and his music have played a huge part in my life for almost fifty years now. Sad day when "The Man" left us...
  6. willdawg
    R.I.P. Big Mon...

    "Who's that over there with the big hat?"
    "Oh, that's God; He thinks he's Bill Monroe."
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