F5 #124 August 2007

  1. Kirk Higgins
    Kirk Higgins
    I recently purchased Kimble #124 (August 2007) from Jim Nikora. A lovely F5 with a red spruce top and one piece back. It plays, sounds and looks amazing! Been trying to post photos in the Kimble social group but have not been successful as of yet. The transaction was a little complicated with Canada Customs in the midst of labor negotiations and COVID but Jim was great to deal with and very patient.
  2. scotta
    Congrats. I talked to Jim about his F5 but was not wanting a flat board. I ended up buying #250, a 2 point made in 2017, with a 16 inch radius that works for me. It is an outstanding mandolin.
  3. Kirk Higgins
    Kirk Higgins

    Actually, I had Mark Stutman at Folkway Music put a mild compound radius on the fretboard (12-20) when he did the EVO gold refret.

    You would never know it wasn’t done at the time it was built. Mark does impeccable work.
  4. JimRichter
    Will is the guy. I’ve owned 7 Kimbles since 2004. An A5 (#10), an F5 (#18), a two point (#62?), an A5 (#138), an octave mandolin, a A mandola (#141–currently own), and a two point made in 2018 (currently own). None of these—including the early ones—were a dud. Will, in my humble opinion, is a boba ride genius. Congrats—you’ve made a great choice. And buying from a class act like Jim Nikora is great too. Welcome to the club.
  5. Kirk Higgins
    Kirk Higgins
    Thanks Jim and you are correct, Jim Nikora was great to deal with and very patient. Living in Canada, there were a few challenges with shipping and customs but Jim was very patient especially considering his original plan was to only slip within continental US. Interesting that he purchased his Dean mandolin here in Nova Scotia and that was one of the reasons for selling the Kimble, and the Kimble ends up in NS.
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