New member and string question

  1. scotta
    Hi all, new member here...recently acquired Kimble #250 model J. What a great mando. I'm curious about what brand and gauges of strings you all are using on your Kimbles. I've got mine strung with D'Add EJ74s...
  2. Ray(T)
    I’ve found I’ve needed nothing other than J74s on either of mine. Will once told me there was no need to go heavier, although my A5 would take it, but that I might like to try a heavier A string.
  3. scotta
    Thanks Ray
  4. Ray(T)
    Nobody else uses strings ........... apparently!
  5. Kirk Higgins
    Kirk Higgins
    I currently have J74’s (11-40) on my new to me Kimble F5 (124) but I use John Pearse 12-40 on my 80’s Kentucky F style mandolin. I found the heavier strings drive the Kentucky’s top better resulting in thicker sounding notes on the A & E strings. I may try the heavier set on the Kimble at some point.
  6. scotta
    Thanks Kirk.
    I use Siminoff's "Straight Up Strings" on my J2.
  8. MikeyG
    Because of arthritis and several trigger finger release surgeries, I prefer to use Thomastik-Infeld strings. I equipped my newly acquired Style J Kimble mandolin (#281) with TI Starks. I love the feel and the sound. Only drawback - the e-strings are a bit weak.
  9. Glassweb
    DA XS on my two-point. DA J72 on my two-point mandola.
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