Week #123 ~ Liza Jane

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  1. sgarrity
    That's the stuff OS!!! I always enjoy your playing but the new mandolin really sounds AWESOME!
  2. GKWilson
    Very nice David. That's my favorite version of Lisa Jane.
    Sounds great on your new mandolin. It's a beauty also.
    I just got tabs for this from John Reischman.
    These are the same tabs from 'Sorefingers' that I was asking about earlier.
    He also played it on my new A5.
    I don't think it'll ever sound that good when I play it.
  3. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    Wow! Very nicely played, O/S. Well done!
  4. OldSausage
    Thanks very much guys. I am enjoying the new mando - it's a bit like someone took my old mando, but added an "on" switch. Not that it's louder, just all these extra frequencies came with it. I'm sure your A5 has the Reischman mojo in it now, Gary, I'm jealous. Is it possible to share those tabs, I'd like to see his version? I learned mine from watching a video at the Academy of Bluegrass, so I don't have anything written out yet.
  5. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Yeah, the new mando sounds pretty SICK, OS! It really seems like you are enjoying it! Are taking lessons from Mr. Marshall on the AOB site? GKWilson I'd love to see the tab for Reishman's version, also, if you get a chance. Thanks!
  6. fatt-dad
    I love playing this tune. Seeing these bubble up on the social group page makes me want to produce yet another amateur video, but I'm not quite as creative as others. I just play it to dance speed, loud and sloppy (with lots of enthusiam though) - ha.

  7. OldSausage
    Hi Rob, thanks - yes, I've just started on the AOB site, it seems pretty cool so far. Come on f-d, let's see it, I'll be it'll be great!
  8. fatt-dad
    Take 1 (and a few months late).

  9. Marcelyn
    Love it, FD. Great old time sound.
    And David, what a great performance on your new mandolin. That was just amazing.
  10. OldSausage
    That's excellent f-d, it somehow has the quality of one of those old 1920s fiddle recordings - and the energy pace and rhythm too. I'm really enjoying your posts here. You must have killed every cockroach in the place with your left leg!

    And thanks very much, Marcelyn!
  11. CelticDude

    Very nice! I had to learn this tune for a contra dance group, and I never really liked it. After your version, that opinion is changing.

    But what is that you're playing? It's all symmetrical, no scrolls, or points, or anything. What's the world coming to? Next we'll have Bertram playing slip jigs on a modified electric guitar, or Eddie playing Tull on various mandolins... (oh wait)

    Seriously, a nice sounding instrument, well played as usual.
  12. OldSausage
    Thanks very much CD, I'd love to hear what you would make of this tune. You know, I've sort of gone off scrolls and points, or at least my financial advisor has
  13. CelticDude
    Okay, I pulled out the medley. Turns out that it's Big Liza Jane. So, to avoid confusion over the version, I suppose I'll have to learn them all...

    And I suspect I have similar discussions with my financial advisor, who is also my esthetics advisor (you should buy the one with the prettiest woods; no, don't get the ugly tweed amp, get the black or green one...)
  14. Eddie Sheehy
    CD, treat us to a medley on the e-OM...
  15. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    This is a good ways back...but I thought it was in here. Having fun with our new banjo and mando combo.
  16. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    That's a nice combination of instruments -- and you sound great together.
  17. Frankdolin
  18. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Nice playing Frank, and interesting to see you holding down those G and E notes on the third string. Cool.
  19. Frankdolin
    Thanks Simon! Very observant!
  20. Gelsenbury
    Excellent, Frank! Like Simon, I'm also trying to learn from your technique. That's why I like videos where the player is clearly visible. Camera anxiety often stands in the way of that, but you don't seem to suffer from it.

    This Old Time tune was tune of the week in week 123, which made me think of the recent discussion about polls. The choice obviously suited the regular contributors at the time, who recorded some great versions. But many of those people don't submit here any more. Whether this tune would have won a poll among the current regular members is anyone's guess. So perhaps suspending the polls and inviting "other tunes" will remove barriers.
  21. Frithjof
    Your playing sounds like a grand display of firework, Frank.
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