Two Waltzes for Amelia

  1. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    The first one was composed by Bob Mc Quillen, who was active in the Peterborough contra dance scene. I know nothing of this Amelia fom Amelia's Waltz:

    The second one is by guitarist/composer Maria Linnemann. It's dedicated to the daughter of the Mozos del Campo family, who play mandolin and guitar as the Duo Recuerda.
  2. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, Christian. Both great tunes! The McQuillen tune is in our repertoire, in Evelyn's three-part arrangement.

    For reference, the individual SAW threads for these tunes are:

    Amelia (Bob Mc Quillen):

    Amelia Waltz (Maria Linnemann):

    You have an older recording in each thread...

  3. Gelsenbury
    They're both really nice! Did you add a little reverb effect on the second one, or did you just record in a particularly resonant space?
  4. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Two fine tunes, Christian. I wonder how often someone asks for Amelia's Waltz and gets the wrong one?
  5. Frithjof
    You did play both waltzes with great tone and timing, Christian.
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