Week #108 ~ Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

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  1. Tavy
    I just can't believe I've been learning this for 5 whole months...! And it still doesn't swing quite right... Oh well hear we go anyway, recorded on my latest build:

  2. GKWilson
    Sweet sounding mando Tavy.
    Sweet sounding Moonlight Waltz too.
  3. Tavy
    Many thanks Gary.

  4. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Here's my version of Lonesome Moonlight Waltz, I know I made quite some mistakes but my first posting made me enthousiast. All the positif reactions make me practise. I played it on my Janish Flowerpot mandolin.

  5. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Nice job on an excellent sounding mandolin, Tavy!
    luurtie: what a great sounding mandolin for bluegrass! Well played with lots of variations. Thanks for posting....
  6. Tavy
    Apologies for reviving this old thread, but here's a really beautiful version of this tune played by Alison Kraus - shockingly no mandolin content for a Monroe tune - but keep watching for a great clip of Sam Bush playing the "Ballad of Stringbeam and Estelle" though. BTW the Transatlantic Sessions 5 DVD is well worth getting hold of if you can... lot's of great stuff on there and while folks seems to have posted most of it on youtube already, the quality of the music and production of the DVD makes it well worth the purchase IMO.

  7. Topher Gayle
    Topher Gayle
    More thanks to David Hansen for letting me come over to his place last night and play some duets with him, which he recorded and edited and uploaded. Mighty kind of him.

    Here David's backing me up while I try to remember how the melody goes. I'm playing my fanned-fret 5-string "test bed" Mandonator. I use it to try new ideas out on.

    For more on Mandonators (TM), you can visit my web site: http://tophergayle.com.
  8. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    I love the sound of your mandonator as well as your playing. Congrats to both you for a great video.
  9. Topher Gayle
    Topher Gayle
    Thank you, Kay!
  10. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Great playing Topher and David! It has such a clean soaring sound with such incredible sustain which seems really great for playing such lovely melodies like this one.
  11. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Well, so many nice versions and hard acts to follow.
    I apologize for my long absence. I have been so busy with learning tunes and songs for the jams I have been attending here. Also working on improvisation. And then there are festivals... oh boy. It is really exciting here in Virginia.
    I have played this tune for a while now and finally recorded it.

  12. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Extremely well played Manfred. That's a really smooth tremelo you've got there.
  13. Marcelyn
    So great to hear your gorgeous tremolo and mandolin again, Manfred! That sounds beautiful.
  14. woodenfingers
    Manfred, great to hear you are enjoying your jams and festivals. Wonderful playing, great tremolo and grace notes.
  15. Sasquatch
    I recorded this just a couple days ago without realizing it had been recently visted here on the SAW. Good stuff from Manfred as usual.

  16. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very strong Monroe like pickin' on this one. Nice mandolin too. Well done!
  17. woodenfingers
    Hey Squatch, great to hear you back on SAW. Bill would be proud of you for that one!
  18. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Thanks for your kind words, guys. My version is from a Butch Baldassari Book.

    Wow, Sasquatch, so this is what it sounds like when a REAL bluegrasser plays it. Love your double stops.
  19. Sasquatch
    Thanks guys. Michael, this is the first mando I built. I know you often play a vintage Gibson F2. I have always loved the looks and the sound of an oval hole. I decided to build one. Its not the best sounding one by a long shot but its getting better. I have been trying to play 'Clay' (as this F4 is known as) more. I may tweak him a tad at the nut and bridge. I feel I can get a little more out of him.
  20. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Today I recorded my second version of Lonesome Moonlight Waltz inspired by the youtube version of Solly Burton... It's such a great tune and still such wonderfull weather in the Netherlands.. Lonesome Moonlight Waltz was my very first posting in this group.. It seems there is a little progression in my playing the last 5 years .. Good to see all those versions back.. Sasquatch, that mandolin has a big sound!

  21. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Great job luurtie! You've got everything going on in this version and it's so relaxed too. This is one of your best efforts ever.
  22. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Thanks for the kind words Michael!
  23. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I recorded this Monroe tune (not very well) way back when. Here's another go, using an anonymous high harmony mandolin part I found online along with tenor guitar chords.

    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin (x2)
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

  24. GHall
    Here's a few versions of Lonesome Moonlight Waltz we've been working on
  25. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    Thank you to Martin for reviving this golden tune with the wonderful high harmony part. I always enjoy his orchestrations.

    That young lady's playing is wonderful!
  26. Frithjof
    Mike Marshall created a virtual mandolin orchestra during the corona lockdown. Together with 32 of his students he performs the Lonesome Moonlight Waltz. We can watch the video as Mandolin Manday #228.
    Great to see our own Don Grieser among Mike’s students. Congratulations Don!
    May be others SAW members took part who I not came to know until now.
  27. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    I was just watching that video Frithjof- it's excellent isn't it? Lots to watch for anyone wanting to do this song too.
  28. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Thanks, Frithjof, that was fun to be part of. Mike did a wonderful job on the arrangement, and Martin did a pro job on the video.

    Hi Ginny. manomando09
  29. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Love this song.
  30. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    That's a great video, thanks so much for posting it Frithjof
  31. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    What an inspiring video.
  32. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Here's another page of this great tune!
  33. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Revisiting this classic tune, in the arrangement we use for our weekly group get-togethers -- we gave this one an outing last week. Same arrangement and same instrumentation as my 2018 version, but taken more slowly -- this is one of those tunes that is easy to spoil by being too fast (Midnight On The Water being another one). Played twice, adding the high harmony part on the repeat.

    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin (x2)
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar


    Listening to the old recordings that are still working in this thread, Michael's and Hendrik's stand out to me, just great ideomatic playing.

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